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Friday, September 24, 2010

The Hunger Site and associated sites...

Another great site, which I often forget about is The Hunger Site. This is a great site, they have partners who donate money every time a person clicks a button on their home page. You can only click once a day and it REALLY only takes a few seconds to do. A great way to utilize this is to have it set as your homepage, then you can help the world every morning before you even check your email. For the hunger site the money goes to Mercy Corps, Feeding America, and Millennium Promise.

At the top of the website, there are tabs to show the other projects similar to the Hunger Site. There is The Breast Cancer Site, The Child Health Site, The Literacy Site, The Rainforest Site, and The Animal Rescue Site. These all function like the Hunger Site, in that their partners donate money for every click on the button on their home page. All you have to do, is take that two seconds to click a button, let it load the thank you page, with the ads.... and you have helped a great cause. In all it takes less than  twenty seconds to go through all six pages and make a positive impact on the world for the day.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Help charities while searching the web!!

Hey all,

Here is a blog post listing some great ways to do good while searching the internet. Which is really great, because I know I spend a lot of time online, so here is another painless way to help others in our daily lives. I want to talk about a few of the search engines from the blog post.

The first one I want to mention is MagicTaxi, it is a UK based engine which donates 50% of its daily advertising directly to various UK charities. I like this one cause it reminds me of my blog, except it functions differently. Here is a Metro article about the company for more info.

The next is Search Kindly which uses the money they raise to build mobile libraries for underserved schools, as an avid reader I really like the goal of this site. They way they function is to "take something that you'd be doing anyway, like surfing the Internet, and turn it into a meaningful action." Every time you visit their page, they get roughly 1/3 of a cent for the advertising costs, which they then use for the libraries. You can also set it for your homepage as an easy way to help or add it your search bar to use every time you search the web.