New Site!

Please go to the new site, This site is no longer going to be updated or kept current. All posts and information will be on the new site.

Come join us on the new site!

Hey all. Just so you know this will now be the only place for these blog posts.

As we transition Change You Can Afford into a charity, that site will be dedicated to the charity and no longer host the blogging archives.

About the Blog

The purpose of this blog is to to show that everyday, through something as small as a dollar, we can create change in our world. In this current time of economic instability, charitable organizations have had their budgets greatly reduced and are frequently struggling to continue to offer their services.

I want to help charitable organizations because I was struck by how much wealth we have in the global north compared with many others; even personally as an underemployed recent college graduate. I plan to donate multiple times a week to organizations whose work I feel passionately about.

I felt overwhelmed because I wanted to donate money to many different organizations, but can not afford to give large amounts to every organization. Which was when I realized that instead I could start a blog to raise awareness about these organizations and perhaps encourage others to donate to them as well. So, I look for interesting, well-run organizations doing good work around the globe and I share them with you while donating to them.

Hopefully, you will enjoy hearing about these organizations and can find it in your budget to donate a dollar a day with me. Together we could have a huge impact...

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