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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Haitian Water Quality & Matching Gift Opportunity

Hey all!

Today we are focusing on Oxfam America's contributions to rebuilding Haiti. Oxfam's main mission is to work towards a world without poverty, which is a noble goal. A reason I like this charity is that I feel they really recognize that many people are stuck in poverty due to systemic barriers, laws or customs or corporations, which conspire to make it harder for them to survive and have a good life. Oxfam works on a local level to alleviate and fix this problems instead of a bunch of people in the Global North telling them what to do. It works with the people and respects their voices, which is why I support this group.

"In the months ahead, Oxfam will continue to meet the basic needs of the most vulnerable Haitians while helping to rebuild communities and foster livelihoods. One key project: Working with the national water and sanitation authority, Oxfam will help develop the country’s first water quality guidelines and sewage treatment standards."

In the wake of the horrible destruction, safe water is still an issue for many Haitians and having safe drinking water can greatly improve quality of life and the health of the people. This is a very important aspect for Haiti and I think its great that Oxfam is working to help create a national water and sanitation initiative.

Hopefully you also support their great work. And until the end of August all donations to Oxfam are being doubled. So if you only donate to one of my featured organization, this is a great one to chose because your one dollar will become two. What a great coincidence to allow us to do even more on limited funds.

Here is Oxfam's Charity Navigator Score.

1 comment:

  1. I really like Oxfam's model. We donate $15 a month. Is very easy and not a serious stress on our budget.