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Saturday, September 11, 2010

V-Day supports Pakistan

I just logged in to check my old school email address, I don't get much email to that address anymore. However, there was an email from the V-Day organization talking about their involvement in Pakistan and asking for donations. V-Day is an organization dedicated to ending violence and abuse against women worldwide. They are most well known for their grassroots performances of The Vagina Monologues, which are always performed for local charities and global issues that affect women's safety. I have helped organize and been in the play multiple times and I found it very empowering, and loved my experiences and the friends I made from the performances. I appreciate the global outlook of their spotlight every year, from Katrina victims to the widespread violence women in the Democratic Republic of the Congo face they try to raise awareness of the problems women face globally and I think that is very important.

Their email was concerning their support of and the work of AMAL in Pakistan. While AMAL is primarily focused on empowering young people and working to prevent and treat HIV/AIDS, they are on the ground supporting those affected. "AMAL means action in Urdu. Started in 1994 as a youth-focused HIV/AIDS action group, today AMAL is one of the most visible advocates for prevention, treatment and awareness in Pakistan. Empowering & strengthening of individuals, communities and organizations/institutions through advocacy, capacity building and the provision of knowledge, skills and services to create a society that is gender sensitive, supports young people and addresses the needs and threats of HIV & AIDS." While, I had not heard of the group before V-Day's involvement with them, I am always very impressed with those that can work in the field of HIV/AIDS advocacy because their is still so much misconceptions, fear, and stereotypes surrounding HIV and it takes someone with alot of courage or resolve to face that daily. Those that do that sort of work have my utmost respect.

If you are curious as to what the funds are being used for by AMAL, V-Day's email explains what is needed and where the funds are going:
"Your donation will help AMAL reach those women and their families in greatest need of supplies, including essential food items, clean water, hygiene materials, clothing, sleeping bags and necessities for babies such as reusable diapers and baby suits. As we reported earlier, AMAL is using all donations to bring these supplies to over 500 families in extremely vulnerable priority areas such as Muzaffargarh, DG Khan, Mianwali, Kot Addu, Nowshehra, Swat and Charsada. Most recently AMAL has identified villages in Southern Sindh and Southern Punjab in desperate need. As the more areas are affected, more money is needed. We must not forget about our sisters in Pakistan. Please give what you can, every cent helps us reach our goals to protect and empower the women and girls of Pakistan."

I will be donating to the V-Day fund for AMAL so that I can be one of those helping to support the women of Pakistan.

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