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Saturday, January 1, 2011

New Year's Resolution!

Hello my lovely readers,

For those of you who celebrate this new years, Happy New Year!! It is customary for me to reflect on our lives and to sometimes make resolutions for the upcoming year. The last few weeks I have been reflecting on things, both privately and in my last few posts, which means it is time for the resolutions.

I have many resolutions for the year. I plan to apply to grad school, become more green and eco-conscious, eat less meat, get a job, get into shape, etc. None of those listed apply to the blog or my charitable life (except maybe becoming more green). Below are my resolutions that are relevant:

Resolution the first!

I am going to get back to the original idea for this blog, which was to donate a dollar a day to a charity to promote charitable giving in others and to raise awareness that every little bit of charity does matter. I wanted to help others around the world on a daily basis. I got a bit overwhelmed, as this is my first blog. I plan to try blogging everyday, instead of on occasion, which I believe will help me to be more consistent. I might even penalize myself for missing days, suggest suitable punishments below.  ;-) I am also going to make the blog a bit more organized and structured, so stay tuned for a blog post letting y'all know about the new structure and ideas.

Resolution the second!

Due to my recent move, I am not currently volunteering. And my activism is limited to online petitions and this blog (plus the occasional argument friendly debate with friends, family, and strangers about the various oppressions in our society - discussion about sexism, racism, and other ism's raise awareness and knowledge about these subjects so I consider them activism).

This is my long-winded way of saying that I want to find some local volunteer opportunities, especially since I am unemployed and have some extra free time - although, probably not as much as you believe. I shall look for something local, so I am driving as little as possible, but also for a cause I am passionate about.

Resolution the third!

This is both the most simple resolution and the hardest. It is to do my best to appreciate all that I and my family and friends have, which was mentioned in my two previous reflective posts A Christmas Reflection and Wealth: A Matter of Relativity. This has been difficult for me to do lately, as I am unable to find work. The combination of finishing college and not working is very rough emotionally. This leads to me not appreciating life as much as I could or perhaps should.

Those are my three resolutions that pertain to my blog and the mission of my blog. If you have any resolutions that you would like to share, whether they relate to charitable givings or your own life, I would love to hear them. Also, if you have any ideas for other resolutions for me, go ahead, and leave your comments below.

I wish all the best for y'all in the upcoming year.


  1. What a great idea, Beta. Bless you!!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement Marie! I hope you continue to read and i always appreciate the comments. :-)