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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Sudan Girls!

After yesterday's post, I have decided that this is the week of young women's empowerment. So today I will be focusing on a project working to empower young women in the Sudan. The project is Inspiring Darfur Girls to Achieve and is run by Relief International, I really like the sound of this project and think it is great that organizations are helping girls located in an area of upheaval, genocide, and warfare. The girls in that area face an existence harsher than many of us in the Global North can fully appreciate.

Inspiring Darfur Girls to Achieve is working on specific issues affecting girls and women in Sudan through education and increasing the status of women, to show them that they can become leaders. The project recognizes that in order to create change in the area, they need to educate women, so they seek to create a program that will support and create female leaders in the Sudan. Education can do so much for women: increase their earning potential, positively impact their community, and create social change.

 So that's today's post, I think that this is an amazing project to support so I hope you enjoyed hearing about it and I would love it if you supported them too.

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