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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Thanks to my readers!

Hello, my lovely readers,

You all are wonderful and really make me happy that you continue to read my blog and encourage me to keep at it. Doing this blog and trying to change others lives really puts my own life into perspective and I really value that. I have been volunteering in one form or another almost constantly since high school and I have always enjoyed it. This blog is satisfying in a completely different manner from that experience, which I think that has its upside and its downsides.

The obvious upside is that I am helping people I have never and am unlikely to meet. We will never know one another, but I hope I affect their lives in positive ways. And perhaps they in turn will have the opportunity to affect others lives in a positive way. However, blogging about charity is extremely solitary. It is me sitting by myself, finding charities on the web and then donating to them. I worry that this makes me a bit removed from what I am doing. It is extremely easy for me to merely focus on issues which appeal to me and not learn about new causes or issues.

So, I am counting on you, my readers, to challenge me by calling new organizations, causes and issues to my attention. For example, a friend was telling me about an organization which gives old prosthetics to people in the Global South, who might not otherwise have access to them, and another friend was telling me about a charity organized by gamers who give toys to children in hospitals. These both sound amazing and I will feature them in the next week.

Hope you enjoyed the sneak peak for the upcoming week and my thoughts on my blog. Please tell me about your thoughts on this post and my blog, I love hearing your comments and feedback.


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