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Friday, August 20, 2010

Youth issues.

I really like the work of this group. They are working with at risk youth and those in crisis to create long term solutions and help for homeless youths and their families. They do more than just provide shelter or food, they want to help youths and their families to become self-sufficient. The majority of their work is done with runaway, abused, or at risk youths in San Diego. The services they offer are broad and support the diverse youth's that need their help.

For example, they just opened a group home for hard of hearing youth. They provide counseling, housing, and an environment in which these youth can be helped through this outreach to that community. They also have group home for able bodied individuals, as well as a shelter for runaway and street youth which focuses on finding alternative living arrangements and trying to prevent sexual exploitation of these groups. They operate the East County Behavioral Health Clinic, to provide mental health support for youths and their families. They support "pregnant and parenting teens and young adults (12- 25 years old) in a safe and supportive environment. Through case management and educational groups, our core services focus on recovery, independent living skills, relationships, child development and parenting, and health and nutrition." Operate Youth Centers to give a place to go after school and to reduce delinquency and improve students academic's and physical well-being.

Basically, San Diego Youth Services is just an all around great organization, that provides a spectrum of support for at risk and homeless youth in San Diego. I think their approach is really great because it focuses on mental and physical well-being, as well as training and support for self-suffieciency. I encourage you to donate either to them or to a local homeless youth services organization.

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