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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

And even more prosthetics!

Yesterday's post was so inspiring to me, I immediately googled other charities doing similar work out of curiosity at how they function. And, of course, I liked some of them, so I have to share them with you. Today I am focusing on Sandy Gall's Afghanistan Appeal, an organization who works to provide prosthetic's and other aids for over 20,000 patients and therapy for over 50,000. The 25 years of warfare that has plagued the area has created many people in need of the a prosthetic limb.

The charity focuses are: "to treat the disabled people of Afghanistan by the provision of prostheses, orthoses and physiotherapy care; to train students in these professions to carry out the work themselves; to prevent further disability and promote better referral in the local community by providing health education and disability awareness information; to upgrade the skills of the technicians already trained with further education and to provide administrative training and management courses for senior staff."

For those of you who do not understand the impact warfare can have on a population, I have included a link to an article discussing the impact of landmines, which are present in Afghanistan as well. To truly understand the horror of landmines, one needs to read about it and see the pictures of victims. Warfare causes so many horrifying issues, even in areas where the fighting is over, there are huge amounts of land that still have landmines from previous wars.

Any cause which helps victims of such a horrible event should be supported. If you know of other organizations  that do work like this, please let me know, I would love to feature them as well.

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