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Friday, January 14, 2011

Rebuilding Haiti

I wanted to highlight another organization which I think is doing good work in Haiti and that is Architects for Humanity. They have been working on rebuilding the infrastructure of Haiti, including many schools. They are working on a number of projects in Haiti currently.

I think this is very important as their are still over a million people living in temporary camps, under tarps and sheeting, without adequate protection from the weather or a safe pace to store their belongings. What I really like about this organization is that they do not just build a building without thinking it through. They focus on thoughtful design, with an emphasis on: "Alleviating poverty and providing access to water, sanitation, power and essential services, Bringing safe shelter to communities prone to disaster and displaced populations, Rebuilding community and creating neutral spaces for dialogue in post-conflict areas, Mitigating the effects of rapid urbanization in unplanned settlements, Creating spaces to meet the needs of those with disabilities and other at-risk populations, (and) Reducing the footprint of the built environment and addressing climate change." I really appreciate an organization that worry about the larger impact of their projects and try to help rebuild Haiti in a conscientiousness manner.

In addition, they are a four star charity according to Charity Navigator.

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