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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

And a few more prostheses

Obviously, I really like the charities that distribute and make prostheses around the globe, I think it is because the organizations are helping people to be whole again and to be able to support themselves. It is the opposite of some charities which bring food and just hang out food. Rather it enables people who have been disabled, often landmines or other war related issues, to work again and care for themselves. I imagine it to be a transformative moment in their life and I want to support organizations that support getting people prostheses and care.

Today we will be talking about Limbs of Hope and their mission: "The collection of prostheses, both new and used, to be distributed to those in need. Provision of recreational opportunities for amputees with emphasis placed on individuals in developing countries. Funding construction on sufficient rehabilitation clinics and also improving existing clinics. (...) We are working to become established throughout the world, that we might become a permanent force in the war against human suffering. The Limbs of Hope Foundation is composed of volunteers who strongly support our cause. With help, we are capable of changing the world for the better. In these times of fear and instability, we choose to offer a ray of light, a limb of hope…"

 They accomplish their mission through four different programs. Project Limbs aims towards fundraising for new prostheses and rebuilds used prostheses for new recipients, as well as medical referrals and financial assistance. Project Hope (Helping Others Play Equally) provides sports/recreational opportunities by creating more places to play and  distributing equipment, hoping to help improve self-esteem as well. The third project is Project Foundation, which is focused on improving existing clinics and constructing new rehabilitation clinics. Their last project is Camp Amp, which is a summer camp for those who have experienced the loss of a limb and is meant to be both a fun recreational time as well as to help counsel those who are struggling, they want to have financial aid available so that any who wants to attend can.

Their website is not specific about exactly where they run programs except it does say in over fourteen countries, including photos on their site showing a program in Cambodia. While I would like more information on their website, what I do see I approve of and support.

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